Productivity Factors: Mikko Salonen – “Sataservice immediately felt right”

Mikko Salonen, who arrived as a maintenance engineer in January last year, tells how he was immediately impressed by the employer when he was acquainted with the company’s operations and values. Now a year later, Salonen is the head of the Harjavalta unit.

-When I got to know Sataservice’s activities and values, I noticed how the company had been smartly on display and immediately felt right place for me. I have worked in smaller organizations previously and in my mind had been an option to move to a larger organization where the potential for developing own skills would be wider.

From the beginning, Salonen says he has been interested in developing and promoting the unit’s operations. Years of experience in the field had also brought its own personal goals for an ambitious maintenance engineer that he wanted to achieve.

– I started working as a maintenance engineer at the new unit in Harjavalta. At the very beginning I expressed my willingness to be actively involved in taking forward the unit’s performance. Little by little, over the year, my tasks have become more responsible. I have received confidence from the courses that support my work and also my supervisor has given me support when needed, Salonen says.

– It has been great to see how the company encourages entrepreneurial activity, taking responsibility and developing your own personal skills. I would strongly recommend the employer for no doubt, Salonen adds.

“As a productivity factor, I am fully involved and willing to put myself on the line. ”

Seeing the development of Sataservice over the years, you can see how the company has taken some major leaps forward and risen above the average.

– We have risen to a good position and want to develop more and more, it is very important that we don’t stop the development. Few firms invest on future solutions as affective as we, it is one of our main priority. We have all the ingredients needed to succeed in the market and rise step by step higher. Our unit and our entire company consist of strong factors.

 -Personally, being as a Productivity factor means commitment to the company’s common goals. As a productivity factor, I am fully involved and willing to put myself on the line and also besides these, we also need attitude. That is how it works and the company develops. The working day may not always end in the afternoon of four or five, and the work is done until late at night, Salonen laughs.

The attitude and commitment of productivity factor is seen above all as a positive message to the customer. Everyday work is raised by relaying and acting on behalf of the client above. Caring and acting what’s best for the client’s advantage, pops up in every day work. It is a certain kind of lifestyle to deal with your own work, as if it would be a hobby, whereby the development of the customer’s operations is bound to your own success. With these ingredients we have built a good cooperation and trust between us and Boliden Harjavalta Oy.

 ”The Harjavalta unit consists of strong players!”

Salonen is proud of his unit and sees that the strength is specifically the factors in the unit.

-One of our most important strengths is wide knowledge and fellowship. Our team consists of strong people! We work as a team and we all have the ability to think positively. We do everything possible, for example workshop, infra, crane repair, HVAC maintenance, etc.

Salonen sees the Harjavalta unit as a working entity and is proud of all the team’s employees. However, the industry is constantly changing in a more efficient direction so there is always something to improve.

-Work safety is an important part of the industry, and it always has development targets. Safety is constantly pushed forward for example through our new applications. The changing modern working methods and digitalization of the industry create their own development, we want to be in the forefront of developing our work habits.

”All the thanks belongs to our Productivity Factors!”

Salonen is proud of how the whole team works as a unit, despite of all the challenges that occur in the start and wants to encourage the whole team to a new year.

-Together we have achieved a great position in our industry and all the thanks belongs to our own productivity factors! Try to keep a similar growth again this year! With hard work and the right attitude, we create a safe and successful work environment that will make a big difference, says Salonen in the end.





Written Jenna Potila and translated Susa Räikkälä