Are you interested in producing productivity?

We like to recruit cool people with a technical education. We expect you to have a social personality – loners don’t last long in our game.

Your tasks will be versatile, as your job may contain anything from repairing a piece of equipment to leading a project. You may work in a specific office, or as part of a mobile unit, the choice is yours.

We’d love to see you adjust your experience and know-how to your position. In other words: find and claim your place in our organization. You might start off as an installer, and end up taking care of our biggest customers. It’s all up to you.

Our salaries are in line with technology industry’s collective labor agreement. We also offer our employees generous benefits: private healthcare, leisure-time accident insurance, and opportunities to participate in various sports.

We’re proud of the healthy spirit of our workplace, resulting in the low turnover rate of our staff.

Does this sound good? Then don’t hesitate. Fill in the application form now!

Recruiting – open application

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